Comments :   cant wait to see all my dashi friend tomorrow
Your Name :   lisa c leone
Doxie Name(s) :   frankie valentine leone
Comments :   Honey & JJ cant wait to see everyone again!
Your Name :   Gina
Doxie Name(s) :   Honey
Comments :   What a great time ! Love seeing all the doxies in one place, all the different sizes, colors, mixed colors, and the different hair types!
Your Name :   Rick & Sandi DOWSETT
Doxie Name(s) :   Kadi & Ali
Comments :   Hope to see all our buds again this year!!
Your Name :   Susan & Jat
Doxie Name(s) :   Gustoff von Baron
Comments :   Wolfie is the number 1 Doxie. Lots of fun and tons of sex appeal...
Your Name :   Norm & Carolina Parker
Doxie Name(s) :   Sir Wolfgang WienerSchnitzel Parker
Comments :   We Cant Wait!!!
Your Name :   Amy and Seth Kaplan
Doxie Name(s) :   Kona (aka Hot Dog, aka Deeg)
Comments :   This sounds amazing, I cant wait!!!
Your Name :   Andy
Doxie Name(s) :   Baxter
Comments :   have been waiting all year for this event !! It is so much fun. Amazing to see all the doxie sizes, shapes and colors :-)
Your Name :   Linda Solender
Doxie Name(s) :   Sammie, Frankie & Dino-our rat pack
Comments :   My mugui, is ready for a good time.
Your Name :   carla
Doxie Name(s) :   mugui
Comments :   Look forward to our first dachshund winterfest experience
Your Name :   Maria
Doxie Name(s) :   Hailey & Madeline
Comments :   Its one of the events my family looks forwar to every year. Keep up the Good Work.
Your Name :   danielle salman
Doxie Name(s) :   Picolini
Comments :   Love these babies! Would have a dozen if I had the room, but I dont & my two beautiful young ladies -2- will keep me happy!
Your Name :   Sue
Doxie Name(s) :   Gracie & Ginger
Comments :   Love all the pictures. Would love to attend this fest next year
Your Name :   Margaret Morgan
Doxie Name(s) :   Manferd & Barclay
Comments :   We are very happy to be there!! A year ago I met my bff Luigi. Thanks to DRSF!!!
Your Name :   Andrea
Doxie Name(s) :   Luigi
Comments :   I Love my Dachshund, and he loves me!
Your Name :   Ken K
Doxie Name(s) :   Max
Comments :   Looking forward to our first time at the Dachshund Winterfest. We will be coming with our 2 angels Shadow & Cici
Your Name :   Maria
Doxie Name(s) :   Shadow, Cici
Comments :   We just LOVE Dachshunds!
Your Name :   Elissa and Enrico Cortesano
Doxie Name(s) :   Pasquale, Lucky, and Pepper
Comments :   es el primer aņo q voy a llevar a mi Pancho espero q se divierta mucho
Your Name :   Norma Franco
Doxie Name(s) :   Pancho
Your Name :   Brenda Suarez
Doxie Name(s) :   Toby
Comments :   I cant wait. This would be my first time going. How fun and they are adorable.
Your Name :   Jess Valdes
Doxie Name(s) :   Rubee Moo
Comments :   Hope to make it this year!!
Your Name :   Davida Vittori
Doxie Name(s) :   Valentino
Comments :   Cant wait for the festival, and meet all the doxies out there.
Your Name :   Jailyn
Doxie Name(s) :   Toby
Comments :   Cant wait, this is our 3rd year participating. This year we have two additions, Woody and Buddy, both 5 month old puppies.
Your Name :   Rosie
Doxie Name(s) :   Frankie
Comments :   Look forward to seeing all the doxies
Your Name :   Norm & Carolina Parker
Doxie Name(s) :   Wolfgang & Buster Brown
Comments :   I love the idea of the festival!! I will be there!
Your Name :   Helena
Doxie Name(s) :   Lorenzo
Comments :   We are planning one of our winter trips from NJ just to be at the fest. Looking forward to seeing you all.
Your Name :   Roland & Bobbi
Doxie Name(s) :   Bisou
Comments :   Hello! We will be there. This is a special event for us because we met our boy LUIGI!
Your Name :   Andrea Chaparro
Doxie Name(s) :   Luigi
Comments :   Cant wait to take our Brown Family this year to the Winterfest. Sounds like a great time.
Your Name :   Flor & Armando
Doxie Name(s) :   Tito, Kuki, Ricky & Jason
Comments :   look forward to another fun year! This time we have 2 new additions to family. Buddie and Woody both 5month old doxies.
Your Name :   Rosie and Walter
Doxie Name(s) :   Frankie
Comments :   Hi Adrian, cant wait to see you here in sunny Florida!
Your Name :   Paula and Harold Horn
Doxie Name(s) :   Lester
Comments :   Hi Everyone!Sounds like fun!!!Ronel from Bloemfontein,South Africa!!Im chairperson of Free State Dachshund club!
Your Name :   Ronel
Doxie Name(s) :   Leanie my little rescue girl and Tessie my angel girl (died 21 March)
Comments :   We have been to Washington Square Park for the big Doxie meet-up. We cant wait to come to the one in South Beach
Your Name :   Joey
Doxie Name(s) :   Berger
Comments :   I love your festival
Your Name :   Paty
Doxie Name(s) :   Ubi
Comments :   Gotta love them !,!
Your Name :   Tony
Doxie Name(s) :   Harry and snickers
Comments :   We can hardly wait until the Winter-Fest this weekend! Zeppo has his clothes all picked out and hes ready to look real good for all the lady doxies.
Your Name :   Risha Mateos
Doxie Name(s) :   Zeppo
Comments :   This will be our 4th visit to doxie winterfest. Looking forward to seeing all the weenies !!
Your Name :   Tim Boynton
Doxie Name(s) :   Brewster, Homer
Comments :   This will be my first Winterfest; cant wait!!
Your Name :   Cynthia Burgess
Doxie Name(s) :   Foxy, Crash
Comments :   We are so looking forward to attending our first winterfest...Cant wait!!!
Your Name :   Fonda
Doxie Name(s) :   Minnie
Comments :   We love the festival!
Your Name :   Janis
Doxie Name(s) :   Gracie
Comments :   We will be attending...this will be our first time
Your Name :   Kurt Koetsier
Doxie Name(s) :   Kara & Jake
Comments :   i have two dachshunds first time
Your Name :   Eduardo Mendoza
Doxie Name(s) :   DOUG(NIKKI) and LuLu
Comments :   We love going, this is our 2nd year
Your Name :   Neylani and Richard
Doxie Name(s) :   walle
Comments :   Cant wait first timers
Your Name :   Christina Pascual
Doxie Name(s) :   Chloe
Comments :   Cant wait to see all the wieners!!!
Your Name :   Jessica Stamm
Doxie Name(s) :   Princess, Mia, Nico, Cody & Rambo
Comments :   Cant wait for our first year at the winterfeast!the puppies are so excited!
Your Name :   gaby and jackie batista
Doxie Name(s) :   chloe and oscar mayer
Comments :   hi we are frankies cousins we make it a tradition every year to come to the winterfest then if we are good we get to go out and have pizza afterwards and hang out we love you frankie, sophie and papo figueiras
Your Name :   marcus and lourdes
Doxie Name(s) :   sopie and papo